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Girls I Am Disgust Skater Tank Dress


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Mighty Fine

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Is your kid a little too good at the eye-roll? Do you often hear them making sounds of disgust? Are they frequent users of the sarcastic comeback?Because if they are, it's likely they're just practicing being Disgust from Disney's Inside Out. We don't know about you, but we thought Disgust was pretty brilliant. With her sassy one-liners, appreciation for all the cool things, and her ability to stay suave (yet stylish), we thought she was definitely the coolest emotion Riley had. We're guessing your kid also recognized Disgust's coolness, and that's why they're going around wrinkling their noses and being full of sass. Maybe they're trying out the other emotions too: Sadness, Joy, Anger, and Fear. But we know your kid will come back to Disgust. It's just too much fun to flip you hair and snort in derision.So if your kid is ready to take their Disgust to the next level, check out our I Am Disgust Skater Tank Dress. This little dress has the same pattern as Disgust's, including a printed neck scarf. Did we mention the glitter trim? It's so chic. So if your kid wants the threads to go with the 'tude, here it is! Only you might want to keep an eye on them so Disgust doesn't become their primary emotion (taking over the controls at HQ). We hear that once she get's in, she's nearly impossible to out.

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