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Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Pouch-Love Me Tender Box 8-PACK (24 oz)


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Cats in the Kitchen offers the highest quality, natural food available for cats contained in single-serve pouches. Food served in pouches offers a fresher alternative to cans. Fewer preservatives are required, and a pouch does not leave a metal taste. Cats naturally obtain water from their prey, and with Cats in the Kitchen?s formula, your cat will find hydration along with high-quality protein. With Love Me Tender, your cat will be treated with good cuts of chicken and duck breast mixed with delicate gravy. Weruva only offers the best natural foods for pets, and the Cats in the Kitchen line contributes to building this reputation. Healthier Choice Bone Free Meats Free range, Grain-free and Gluten Free Cruelty and BPA free Wild caught Free of added hormones Dolphin Safe

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